"When will my bamboo furniture arrive?" 

It’s probably the most heard question we get about our bamboo beauties. Truth is,  it's hard to say :-) 
Depending on demand, projects, season, available stock, ... it can vary strongly.
In most periods we can deliver in maximum three to four workdays.
We always try to hook you up asap so you can enjoy the sun to the fullest.

However, as spring evolves and the demand rises, our waiting times rise too. 
Once we get out of stock and have to place new orders with our supplier, waiting times can be 4 to 8 weeks. 

Golden rule: the early bird catches the worm.
Orders in winter and early spring, from January to April, can be serviced super fast. Once May arrives, lead times will be longer.

We weekly update the status of the products and always mention the delivery estimate of a product. 
If you’re in doubt, call us first or use the chat function on our website!

Enjoy the summer!


Steve & Evelyn