Our CPH top 5 interior shops

May 21, 2016

Our CPH top 5 interior shops

A few weeks ago we needed some fresh inspiration so we took off to the heart of Nordic interior & design: Copenhagen! We had a great time. Big bonus was the extremely sweet weather! 26 degrees, blue skies and lots of sun. We stayed for 5 days and rented bikes (that’s the easiest way to get around town).
Here are some cool interior shops that caught our eye during our stay.

1. DANSK is our favourite one. They have 2 stores: DANSKmadeforrooms and DANSKkitchen which are both located in the Istedgade in Vesterbro (68 and 80). They represent a nice selection of brands and manage to pick only the best pieces. 


2. MUNK is situated in Christianshavn (Torvegade 25) and also definitely worth paying a visit. It's a small shop with lots of Scandinavian brands (both big names as well as small boutique labels).


3. When in Copenhagen, you shouldn't miss the beautiful Gubi fllagship store. It's housed in a classy building from 1916 and has 400 square meters of beautiful lighting, chairs, sofa's and accessories. 


4. Stilleben is a small designer shop, also in the city centre (Niels Hemmingsensgade 3). You can find interior design, ceramics, textiles, accessories and some jewelry by leading Danish and foreign designers. Upstairs they have lots of frames and cool artwork/photographs/prints to decorate your house.


5. The last one on our list, but maybe the one that stands out the most is Studio Oliver Gustav. It's hard to describe this place; it's a collection of exclusive pieces from all over the world and from different era's, but it looks like one amazing unity that seamlessly matches. Dark and light, wood and metal, modern and antique. Oliver Gustav truly masters the art of creating a one-of-a-kind interior. Store Strandstraede 9, just behind the corner of Nyhavn. 

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